What if you got sucked into your blog?

iphone-338961_150Just imagine you are at your laptop, your smartphone or whatever device you use and one of your favorite blogs graces the screen. You are reading, maybe laughing a bit, maybe cringing at the thoughts produced, you are enjoying your time in the blogging world. Then suddenly a blast of light from your device envelops you and everything goes dark.

You awake a bit groggy, disoriented and upon looking at your surroundings it only gets worse. Around all you can see is words, pictures, cartoons, rows of faces and lists galore. What has happened and where are you. You begin walking until you bump into a large button that reads follow. Wait, are you inside your own blog?

How did this happen? How do you get out? You think “I can’t be stuck in the blogging world, I’ve got too much to do. How can I type my post if I am a part of them?” Then again, this could be fun. You might be able to find the inside track on blogging, quite literally.

So where should you begin? You decide to make the climb to the top of the page and see if you can change the current surroundings, after all you already know what’s on your own page. Where to check out first? You decide to head to the daily post and see what might be happening over there.

It works! You are now a blogging traveler, able to make the jump from one to the next with ease. The term blog-hop is taking on a whole new meaning. You begin to realize just how alive the stories on these blogs are as they take form around you. The posts, the thoughts, the fiction were always entertaining, but now they become enchanting.

railroad-166535_150Cars crash right in front of you, the werewolves howl so loud it is almost deafening and the vacation you always wanted to take seems to be happening all around. The animals talk while you listen and the tears flow as you watch the sadness unfold. The world is yours and you can travel wherever your will takes you. You have fun bouncing from one post to the next and you always try to remember to bound upon the like button.

Look out, that pingback almost hit you as it passed!

It’s getting dangerous around here. You need to be more careful. Most blogs are harmless, only there to entertain but if you end up on one that wants to trap you it could be the end. There may be no escape. Then there is the spam to consider. These blogs are crawling with it. You have to work around it and at the same time hope the spam filter doesn’t mistake you and boot you out.

Maybe it’s time you found the way back to the outside land. As fun and entertaining as all these blogs are there is too much to keep you busy in the real world. If you stay stuck inside the blog there may be nothing to inspire your next post.

Where would you go if you were sucked into the blogging universe? How would you spend your time? Can you imagine being a part of the stories? A virtual wonderland to navigate as you wished.

What if ice cream didn’t melt?

I found this weird story on twitter today. It is a bit cringe worthy and made me worry/wonder about other products. The video below may frighten you.

What if your ice cream didn’t melt? Would you still eat it?

I don’t know about you, but I am not planning to buy any of these sandwiches anytime soon! Just what is in these and what does it do once it’s inside our bodies? Does it melt then or go through the digestive system intact, then slide out the same as it came in? Uuggh, I think I just grossed myself out.

I usually don’t share anything other than my own thoughts and stories here on this blog, but this was just too weird to keep to myself and worked as a what if. Don’t worry though, I don’t plan to make a habit of shareing weird videos or stories.

What if your town was invaded by clowns?


Clowns, clowns they’re everywhere!

So many clowns, so much bright hair!

Red noses, frowning faces and really big feet

They line every inch of every single street

Some blow balloons, some do a dance

Others lean over and split their pants

They try their hardest to make others laugh

Hoping for a smile from one of their gaffes

There are just too many, too many clowns

The town seems scared, horror abounds

How do we stop them, they keep multiplying

It’s just not right, the kids are all crying

Can somebody call the clown police

It’s time for the town to have some peace

They gather them up from near and far

I wonder how did they all fit in one police car

Hopefully for now things will settle down

Until next week when the circus comes to town.

Blog Contest: I’ll Name A Character After You In My New Screenplay!


What if you could be a character in a screenplay? Help Austin pick a bar name for his new screenplay and maybe you can.

Originally posted on The Return of the Modern Philosopher:

HollywoodLast night, I was chatting with Matthias, the Producer/Director who hopes to make .33 Reverse Gunther his next film.  He is on his way to L.A. to meet with potential investors and actors, so I’m cautiously excited about what the future holds.

Over the course of the conversation, Matthias once again mentioned how important this blog is going to be to Gunther’s production.  He wants me to keep a production diary once we get a green light, and I’ve assured him that my blog friends and followers will share the posts to help spread the word about the movie being made from my screenplay.

To reassure Matthias that this blog has a great reach, I told him I would conduct a test this weekend.  I had already planned to write this contest post, so I thought I’d add a sharing element to it and report back to Matthias with the…

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What if I was missing?

It had been nearly a week since I had seen myself. It wasn’t like me to not show up at work, to not be right there in the middle of the trenches. The others at work didn’t even seem to notice. Were they all so involved in their own lives to not even realize a co worker was missing?

Even at home I was nowhere to be seen. Not out in the yard trimming the trees, not in the driveway washing down the car and not even on the porch kicked back in my deck chair. The place seemed too quiet. The usual sights and sounds were gone.

After the second day I called the police to report myself missing. They seemed to be confused and were harsh with me, telling me it wasn’t something they could help with. Why can’t the police help with a missing person? It’s part of their job and I waited the forty eight hours before filing the report.

I debated calling a Private Investigator, but I am unsure where to find one and I don’t have the money to spend. I know money shouldn’t matter when it comes to finding yourself, but when you have none it always matters.

I thought about placing posters in the neighborhood but what should they say? Again I have nothing for a reward and I’m not sure if people will even notice the posters without one.


Missing. Man of approximately forty years old. Friendly sort that answers to the name of JED and enjoys the occasional beer, just don’t feed him more than three or he may become vicious and bite.

I’m really starting to get worried. This is so unlike myself. I always know where I am going and when I am coming back. This time is different and I’m not sure what to do. Maybe it’s time I started doing some investigating of my own.

I need to speak with the family. See if any of them know anything. I have a few suspicions already, but nothing to pinpoint anything certain. Maybe someone will know a little more about me than I know about myself. If I left willingly, where would I have went and how do we get me back?

I started casing the neighborhood and asking the neighbors questions. I would show them a picture and ask if they had seen the man in the photo. Most of them just looked at me or stared, maybe started laughing a bit and said are you kidding. I’m not sure what’s got them spooked, but no one was talking and most just quickly got away from me.

I guess the social networks are next. I’m starting on this blog and will try to share the search on other places. If you have seen me or know anything that could help me find myself please let me know. No matter how small the detail, anything may help.

What if I owned my own tank?

tank2If I owned a big tank

First place I’d go was the bank

Park it in just the right space

And point it just the right place

Go in and see Mr. Malone

Dare him to say no to my loan

He might want to be a bit careful

Before he starts mentioning collateral

tank1If I called a tank mine

I would drive it all the time

I know it don’t drive that fast

But man the trip is a blast

Everyone better stay out of my way

Or they might have a really bad day

With my tank I don’t use the brakes

Sometimes cars become pancakes

tank-143400_640If a tank I could drive

Man I’d feel so alive

I’d travel all night and day

Try to stop me I blow you away

The tank has a really big gun

I shoot it and you are done

The blast makes such a sight

I laugh with complete delight

cop-156053_640A tank and I’d be so happy

I know it sounds a bit sappy

Just imagine the fun to be had

I guess I enjoy being a bit bad

Now the police want to get involved

I fire once and the problems resolved

No more police to get in my way

But now the army they want to play

explosions-3591_640 (1)A tank has now got me in trouble

It seems I created too much rubble

I was just having a bit of fun

Now my actions have me on the run

See the army they have tanks too

Their saying I’ll get what I’m due

I’ve created such a big mess

I’m scared now I must confess

militarism-152789_640 (1)I thought owning a tank would be great

Instead it has sealed my fate

My destructive days are all done

This time the authorities have won

I might be on my way to jail

But I’ve got quite a tale to tell

Getting caught was never the plan

But I’ll do it all again if I can

What if I faked my life?

Sometimes it feels as if I am lost.

I stand on the outside and stare in on life.

I can only watch as the mistakes unfold.

Why did I not see the fault in my actions?dandelion-333093_640

Why couldn’t I step in and stop the shame?

Do others see me as I see myself?

Do they know I am lost, adrift in the wind?

Where am I going, where have I been?

I think it’s time I take control

Find my way and make my choices

I need to be more than I am

No more drifting, just getting by

Time for me to be a better man

Faking my life no longer an option

Living the fullest is now my plan