What if I found out my mom was an alien and my dad was a robot? Episode two

This is a continuation of a short story If you haven’t read part one yet please click here

science-41572_640“What?” I screamed

Mom rubbed the top of my hand raised her head up to look me in the eyes and said “We love you dear, no matter what species you are?”

My mouth dropped open, I was stunned by what she had said but I also couldn’t hold back the tears. My emotions were going haywire. I couldn’t decide whether to be upset, sad, angry, worried, shocked or if I needed to reach over and give her a huge hug.

Dad looked back at mom and said “I don’t think he’s ready, maybe we shouldn’t tell him just yet”

“We don’t have a choice and he needs to know. Just tell him so we can try to get some rest. He’s tough like you and me sweetie, he’ll be all right” Mom said, still not able to hold back the tears

“What more can there be? I just found out I’m an alien, robot hybrid” I said, my voice cracking as I spoke now

“Son, that’s not exactly true. Please forgive us but we are not your real parents.” dad said this as if it was just a simple omission

“Your, not, my, parents?” I could barely get these words out. My head was hurting, my throat sore and my eyes were watering profusely “Who are you? Who are my real parents? Oh my god, what’s happening?”

“I told you he wasn’t ready”  dad stated

“Just give him a minute, he’ll pull trough” mom replied

“Pull trough? I’ll pull trough what, the fact you’ve both been lying to me my whole life. how am I supposed to act to that?” my mind was racing. thoughts were sporadic and varied. I had to concentrate to get them out without just spouting nonsense. “You’ve started now, you need to finish. I need to know what and who I am. Please!”

“Okay, but I just want you to know what we did we did because we loved you and thought we could provide a much better life for you.” the words from dad were like a needle drilling straight into my brain

Mom through her tears added “We really do love you and what your dad said is true, he would never have loved you like we have, you were just a object to him. and your real mom was gone”

“Honey please, your just going to confuse him. Let me finish. You see son, the scientist who created me and your mom worked for. He created you too” dad stated

lab-24495_640“He created me? So I’m a robot then? But I can bleed. I don’t understand”

Dad continued “No, you’re not a robot. You are his creation, but he created you using DNA from a human from this planet. Earth. You are a human, you just weren’t born on this planet. Or born at all for that matter. You were grown.”

“I’m human? I was grown? Where did the DNA come from. How did it end up on your planet?” I asked, not completely sure I wanted the answers but at the same time I had to know

“The female who was used for the experiment was taken from this planet more than fifty years ago. She was a teenager at the time and abducted by the inhabitants of our planet. It was much more advanced than earth so our people wanted to study the human form. It very closely resembled their own. It was believed they could discover cures for diseases that plagued their species by studying her. Their are very few differences from your moms physiology to yours.” dad stated these facts that should be impossible, but yet made complete sense as I heard them

“What happened to this woman? Was she my real mom?” I asked

“She was but only by her DNA, she never even knew you existed. The scientist used her for study for several years and extracted the needed components to create a new life, your life to continue his studies. Your mom was lost to a heart attack before you were finished.” as dad told his story pictures of a woman flashed through my brain. Was she my mom or just a trick my mind was playing on me?

“So how did I end up with you and mom? What happened to the scientist?” I had many more questions, but these would have to do for now

“Your mom saw how the scientist treated you. You were just a specimen to him. A caged animal he used as his personal chemistry set.” dad’s words seemed to contain traces of anger, an emotion he didn’t usually show

“What do you mean he used me. What did he do?” I asked

“Son, you were an experiment. He wanted to tweak the human form. He believed he could find a way to make it stronger, more agile and longer lasting. His experiments on your infant form were brutal. Your mom could no longer watch what he was doing to you. She came to me one evening and asked for my help. I was completely in love with her by then and would have done anything she asked, regardless of my programming. We made plans to escape and take you with us. We needed somewhere to go and knew we would never be safe on our home planet.” 

It was making more sense now and I could see the love in my dad’s robotic eyes as he was telling me the story. I knew he was my dad, she was my mom no matter whether I was born of them. With this thought my mind calmed and my hands unclenched. For the first time in hours I was almost relaxed.

“How did you do it? You escaped and came to earth, right. What happened after that?” I was entranced with the story now, no longer scared of the answers

“We did. We stole a ship out of the labs bay. I used my programming to interact with the ship, find the coordinates to Earth and we made our way off our home planet. I was able to hide any trace of our escape route and we have lived here on Earth happily ever since.” the last part of this dad said slowly and paused

“So what is it dad, what’s happened to scare you and mom so bad?” I asked

“They’ve found us son. We knew it was always a possibility, but we hoped this day would never come. The scientist, the enforcers from our planet are here on Earth and they know we are here to. We believe they want to capture you and destroy me and your mom. You are the only evidence of the terrible experiments that were being done and the scientist wants you back. We can’t let that happen!” dad exclaimed

“How do you know they are here? Can we fight them?” I asked as I became anxious again

“If it comes down to it we may have to fight son, but we want to avoid that if at all possible. The enforcers will not care about any destruction they create on this planet or lives they hurt. They only have one job and they will do it no matter the consequences.” as dad finished mom spoke up

“We saw on the news there was a meteor believed to have touched down in the desert a few days ago. When they showed the footage me and your dad recognized the trail it left behind. The colors and distinctive trail from this meteor was the same as the ship we arrived in. The only explanation is they found us.”

flashes-99575_640Dad continued “We later saw another news story and they were searching for a missing child. The child shown was you son. The pictures were from when you were a baby. The scientist is here and looking for you. When we went into town we saw one of the enforcers. He was dressed as a human police officer, but the gun he carried was not from earth.”

“Well if we aren’t going to fight what are we doing. Where are we running to?” many questions were forming again

Mom replied “We still have the ship hidden here on earth. We can get it running and send you back to my planet, Jiilleru.”

“Send me? What about you two, I’m not going alone. And why send me right to the place the scientist wants to take me?” I was back to screaming my questions again, but this was just too much

“They would never think to look for you there, especially if we stay here on Earth. It’s the safest thing for you. I have a sister on Jiilleru you can stay with. I’ve had a few contacts with her since we left and she knows you may be coming. You can make a good life for yourself there.” Mom’s crying stopping barely long enough for her to finish her words

To be continued…

Click here for Episode three. Thanks for reading

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