What if you could have a lifetime supply of ?

What If you won a lottery and could ask for any one thing to receive a lifetime supply of, what would you ask for? You can choose from my selections or input your very own. Feel free to add or comment on the poll.

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11 thoughts on “What if you could have a lifetime supply of ?

  1. Other answers so far include

    Coffee (Wouldn’t help me but can see it being a wonderful thing for many people)

    Money (I started to add this to the poll but figured no one would pick anything else. Money is too easy)

    Thanks for the votes. Keep em coming

  2. Lol – I loved the selection of answers – and yeah, the “usuals” – like money, love, health – well of course we would all want them – but it’s great that you offered something more off the beaten path ;)

  3. More other answers

    Chocolate (Could you live on just chocolate and what kind of life would it be?)

    Food for the homeless (Okay, I can’t compete with that. I’ll just take my booze and go.)

    Keep the votes coming. This is fun.

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